Nature is not natural and can never be naturalized — Graham Harman

Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Final Tree

Nikel, Russia. Because iron smelting >> sulphur dioxide. It was like visiting a charnel ground. It started off really bleak and nightmarish and ended up warm and strange.

It also looks like the band photo for something Nik Gaffney (left) and I should be in...

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Dark Ecology Roundtable (MP3)

In Kirkenes, Norway. My heart was so full that it was almost impossible to get the words out. I lost it pretty badly afterwards; luckily that is not on the recording : ) Featuring Timothy Morton, Arie Altena, Britt Kramvig, Nik Gaffney, and Espen Sommer Eide. 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Human Thought at Earth Magnitude (MP3)

My contribution to the four year Dark Ecology project by Sonic Acts, thus far. Oh this was so moving to do. I slowed down a lot--you'll hear why...

Fish Sounds, Coral and You

Fish make all kinds of sound, and we don't know about that as a rule. Jana Winderen was one of the speakers at Dark Ecology up in Russia. She talked about how her work led to greater care for coral reefs in the Caribbean.

Interesting. We've all seen gorgeous photos of coral. But hearing the fish and so on making sounds actually clinched it when it came to caring for the lifeforms there.

I wonder why. One could perhaps say unwarranted things about sound being immediate and visual things not being, and all the usual cliches. Or perhaps there is a more vivid link for us right now between listening and caring.

Or simply that the voices of fish prevent us from seeing them simply as objects of a sadistic gaze (gaze not being the same as visuality nota bene).

The fact that they call to one another, without us, despite us. I remember the impact of Songs of the Humpback Whale in the 1970s.

That by hearing via underwater microphones rather than seeing, we realize that the biosphere is lit up whether or not we open the refrigerator door.

What do you think?

Too Bright

After about a week in the polar regions, I'm down here in the subtropics and wow it's so orange and yellow all day. It's as if someone turned the light up way way too bright.

Easier on the eye up there. Also easier on the lungs.

And heart-burstingly intense, the landscape.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Dark Ecology Video 2

Dark Ecology. Day 2 from Moloko on Vimeo.

Dark Ecology Video 1

Oh dear, this was so very moving I'm afraid I can't even write about it very much right now. Watch this instead:

Dark Ecology. Day 1 from Moloko on Vimeo.

Jammin with Raviv Ganchrow

One thing that happened up here is that Raviv developed and performed a piece who magnitude in every sense blows the lid off of modernity to allow us to hear the abyssal roar of context within and beyond and behind it, a swirl of mountains, quakes, oceans, war and air.

The percussive blast of the opening of the age of asymmetry. (See Hyperobjects for a definition.)

Raviv and I are sitting in adjoining rows on the plane getting the basic thought structure on this mapped out. Exhilarating as colossal crinkles of Norway pass thousands of feet beneath.


Maybe Konstantin the photographer here at Dark Ecology said it best just now. Everything is so much he feels like a camera with a permanently open aperture.

The music workshops are beginning today and 35 of us are departing.

My heart is so full I don't know what to say. Imagine having a four year project named after your work. Then imagine showing up at the conference that sets the tone for that project. To talk about how to proceed.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Arctic Mayor

Linda Beate Randal is the mayor of this region. She was at the Sonic Acts dinner last night--a very nice one too.

I'm beginning to like mayors. Of course I only know two of them: Linda and Jón Gnarr.

Check this out. Linda presented flowers to one of the organization team, and in her speech she quoted my stuff. And she discussed it. I mean how extraordinary is that? And honoring?

She was down with the idea that ecology is about intimacy. As a farmer she had a lot of experience of that. And as the mayor of a place right on the Russian border, bonds with humans trumped political lines. People rely on one another.

In other news, the vastness of the fjord system up here. I can't describe it yet.

Talk went quite well. I shall post it here as soon as I can.

Arctic Food

Thank goodness someone else believes in pickles. Of the fish and vegetable kinds.